Vortex Heavy Duty *BURGUNDY* Vhull Fish Ski Runabout Cover for 17′ to 18′ to 19′ Boat, Best Available Cover


Vortex Heavy Duty *BURGUNDY* Vhull Fish Ski Runabout Cover for 17' to 18' to 19' Boat, Best Available Cover

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****NOTICE****If your boat has new white vinyl seats, we do not recommend Burgundy. The chemical in new white vinyl seats will cause a reaction that will draw the color from burgundy solution dyed material. The reaction is much less common with older seasoned upholstery, even white.

The cover is made from marine grade polyester. The cover is made from 7.8 oz/600d/600 denier solution dyed polyester. 600d is an indirect measurement of density and weight. The higher the number, the heavier, thicker, and heavier duty. This is the thickest cover you will find. You will see a lot of 300d, even 150d covers, which are proportionally half as thick and 1/4 as thick as our covers.

The fabric is then coated twice with polyurethane on the bottom or downside, UV protected, and mildew protected.

What this all adds up to is the best cover available. It is nearly twice as thick as what you see readily

Sale Price: $80.00

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